In need and suffering due to physical or psychological complaints

In need and suffering due to physical or psychological complaints

It's not long ago and our homeopathic aids, whether it's depression or sleep disorders were limited to Valerian and St. John's wort. Somehow we all at least heard of them, they weren't bad, but unfortunately they didn't work really effectively either. As a result, many resorted to pharmacological substances, which are often associated with negative side effects.

But these times now seem to be a thing of the past!

For a short time we have come across the cannabinoids of hemp, isolated from their intoxicating buddies. Yes, we are talking about CBD and CBG. But what do these cannabinoids actually do, how do they affect the mechanism and most importantly do they have dangerous side effects? Let us now take this on the creep.

To do this, let us first look at what we actually associate with hemp, which is often precisely the illegal drug. We associate then addiction, addictive behaviour and negative influences on the psyche with it. These negative effects derive from THC, the "evil" cannabinoid in hemp.

Hereby we should compare the effects of THC to CBD. THC is psychoactive, CBD is not. THC triggers anxiety, CBD has an anxiolytic effect here. THC leads to dependence and cravings, CBD does not and counteracts those- supported by studies. Therefore it has shown success when collateraly used in addiction therapies.

Like CBD, CBG is not psychoactive and has almost the same characteristics. At present, however, research is being done on the differences in specific healing properties.

Both have anticonvulsant, anti- inflammatory, anti- anviety effects and anti nausea effects. Further pharmacological effects such as an antipsychotic effect and a curative effect on cancer are currently being researched.

CBD and CBG are currently easily available through online shops. You can choose between CBD oil, CBD tea, CBD vape, CBD hash and CBD buds.

By the way, locally applied to the skin, CBD is also used very promisingly due to its intensive anti-inflammatory effect. It promises accelerated healing for pain, inflammation and acne. Therefore it is possible to use CBD cream and CBD ointment.

Throughout Europe, the legal status of the products is declared as permissible as long as they contain less than 0.2% THC. There are stricter regulations for CBD in Sweden. Here the CBD product must not exceed the maximum limit of 0.0% THC.

Appropriate education, further research and consideration of nation-specific issues should therefore be beneficial for further progress.

All in all, CBD and CBG are real helpers and should be considered as such.

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